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It’s time to improve all your animation ideas by making each frame look awesome. How? By creating beautiful backgrounds.

Most animations done by beginners are ignored. Why? One of the reasons is that if you pause the video at any time, the image looks wrong, why? Because as we know the background usually takes 70% of the screen.

So, if the background is ugly, then 70% of the frame is ugly. And that will cause the animation to look bad. Animations that look bad get ignored.

That is not what we want for you.

Michael Schutte, your instructor, understands how it feels to have something to share, and no one who cares.
Through his live academy in Canada, he has been able to help tons of students become great artists.
With art, now they can express themselves.

Why did we choose to work with him? Well because:

He is a really cool guy
And he is also one of the top 10 Best Wild-Life Painters in all Europe.

(Yes, being a cool guy comes first in my priority list, credentials come second)

Michael Schutte will help you paint something that, if your spouse or sibling is walking by while you are training, they will stop by and look with their mouths open, not believing what they are seeing. They will say: "Did you paint this?"

And with your chest high you will say: "Yeah, I made it"

Being proud of your work, feeling that finally what you do is something people care about, is a great feeling.

How do you get there? Simple! All you have to do is follow plan:

Get this super special offer of the course, Digital Painting Masters – Desert Background
(the first of many digital painting courses we have in store for you).

You can struggle to get attention to your ideas, by making your animations look bad.

Or you can have people stop cold and pay attention to your work by creating animations that look really good. Great backgrounds will at least make 70% of each frame looking great.

Just imagine the options you will have once you graduate as a digital painter:

Paint beautiful backgrounds for your projects, making 70% of every frame looking amazing.

Be hired as a digital painter by others

Be hired by us as a coach to help beginners starting as digital painters

Being hired of course doesn’t depend only on your digital painting skills, it will also depend on your work ethic, being responsible to deliver on time, have great communication with clients and being a kind person in general.

See you inside!


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Click on the Image below to order the course...........................

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